Research Objective

Biomedical Optics Laboratory is focused on developing novel optical methods based on interferometry, scattering and  manipulation of light, for the purpose of (1) imaging biological and medical samples, (2) understanding the physics of diseases, and (3) diagnosing and treating the disease. Hosted by the Department of Physics and the KAIST Institute (KI), the lab is performing highly interdisciplinary research at the interface between technology development, basic biological studies and clinical applications.

Research Interests

  • Medical imaging: multiple light scattering in a turbid medium (biological tissue)
  • Biophotonics: interferometric-based novel imaging techniques
  • Biophysics: pathophysiology of cells

Selected Research Highlights

  1. MIT museum exhibition (2010)
  2. Nature Photonics ‘Research Highlights’ (2009)
  3. Nature Physics ‘Research Highlights’ (2008)
  4. Technology Review (Sep, 2008)
  5. MIT news spotlight (Sep. 1, 2008)
  6. 매일경제신문 (Sep, 2009)
  7. BioPhotonics (Cover Image, Dec, 2008)

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