KAIST e-workshop
on Quantitative Phase Imaging

December 23 (Wednesday), 2020, 10:00-16:00 KST (GMT+9)
December 23 (Wednesday), 2020, 09:00-15:00 Hong Kong
December 22 (Tuesday), 2020, 20:00-02:00 (next day) EST
December 22 (Tuesday), 2020, 17:00-23:00 PST
December 23 (Wednesday), 2020, 01:00-07:00 GMT

Dear Colleagues,
This year, we encountered an unprecedented global pandemic crisis and endured it. Thanks to the developments of vaccines, I hope we can go back to normal soon.

Through this challenging time, we have learned that we are all in together upon these global challenges, and can always find solutions to keep living and working remotely. Via online platforms, we can keep sharing scientific findings and collaborating. This KAIST e-workshop on Quantitative Phase Imaging will be a new venue to continue our scientific activities.

In this e-workshop, ten invited speakers will give exciting presentations and discuss recent developments and findings in the field of quantitative phase imaging. The topic ranges from fundamental optical sciences to various applications, including molecular cell biology, infectious diseases, and drug discovery. We would like to express our gratitude to the renowned speakers and all the participants to the workshop and hope you enjoy it.

YongKeun (Paul) Park, Professor, Department of Physics, KAIST

Zoom access information

  • The e-workshop will be placed on the Zoom webinar platform.
  • Each guest can use the following login information.
  • Registration is required (no registration fee).
  • Please note there are two links for the different parts of e-workshop


Part I

Time (KST, GMT+9)Speakers & Title
10:00-10:10Prof. YongKeun Park (KAIST, Korea) | Opening remarks
10:10-10:50Prof. Gabriel Popescu (UIUC, USA) | Phase imaging with computational specificity (PICS)
10:50-11:30Prof. Yang Liu (U. of Pittsburgh, USA)| Three-dimensional nanoscale nuclear architecture mapping for cancer risk stratification
11:30-12:10Prof. Renjie Zhou (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)| Empowering Quantitative Phase Imaging with Artificial-intelligence, High-speed, and 3D-vision

Part II

Time (KST, GMT+9)Speakers & Title
14:00-14:30Dr. Sumin Lee (Tomocube, Inc., Korea) | Quantitative analysis of cell volume and the dry mass in a single cell and organelles using holotomography and AI
14:30-15:00Dr. Kyoohyun Kim (Max-PIanck Institute, Germany) | Correlative Brillouin microscopy and optical diffraction tomography for studying biophysics and mechanics of biological samples
15:00-15:30Prof. Sangwoo Park (Korea University, Korea)| Development of atherosclerosis inhibitor using 3D holotomography
15:30-16:00Prof. Eri H. Hayakawa (Jichi Medical University, Japan) | Label-free holotomographic microscopy reveal cholesterol sorting occurred in Plasmodium falciparum-erythrocytes
16:00-16:30Prof. Min Jae Lee (Seoul National University, Korea) | How are Ubiquitin, Proteasome, and Autophagy Intertwined? A Case of Aggrephagy and Proteaphagy  
16:30-17:00Prof. Richard W. Wong (Kanazawa University, Japan) | Nano-imaging of nuclear pore and karyopherins dynamics in cancer cells
17:00-17:30Prof. Changi Pack (Asan Medical Center, Korea) | Physico-Chemical Properties of Organelles in Live Cell Analyzed by Optical Diffraction Tomography  

QnA Session

  • For each talk, 5 min QnA session is included.  
  • A guest may post questions using the Q&A tab of the Zoom. See below.
  • Each speaker will respond to the questions during the Q&A session or after the talk.

Abstracts and presenters’ bio

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